If the Car Accident Wasn’t Your Fault, Do You Need a Lawyer?

If the Car Accident Wasn’t Your Fault, Do You Need a Lawyer?

Determining whether or not to hire a lawyer after a car accident that wasn’t your fault is a tricky question. On one hand, you might have a lot of money on the line that you don’t want to risk losing, and hiring a lawyer can increase your chances of getting compensated.

On the other hand, a lawyer can cost you more money than you have already lost because of the accident, so maybe you can do it on your own. These are the main reasons you would want to hire a lawyer even when you didn’t cause the accident. It can be difficult trying to understand which decision you should make, however, a good idea would be to contact a car accident lawyer for a free consultation.

You Live in a Comparative or Contributory State

Comparative negligence refers to state laws that say each driver can be held partially responsible for the accident and only receive compensation based on that liability. Contributory state laws only allow you to be partially at fault for the accident up to a certain percent before you are barred from getting compensated from the other person’s insurance altogether. This matters because even if you think you were not at fault for the accident, the other driver may argue against your stance. A lawyer can step in to help prove your innocence.

Proving the Other Driver’s Negligence Is Difficult

To make a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance, you must prove that that driver was negligent on the road. This can be easier said than done in car accident cases. Not only must you prove that they were acting in a negligent manner, but you must also show that their negligence directly caused the crash and the accident created your injuries. All these nuances can trip you up, even if you are totally innocent, and make it harder to file a claim. A lawyer can guide you through each step to ensure you have all your bases covered.

You Are Filing For a Lot of Money

Insurance companies prefer to make money rather than dish it out, especially when it is to a person who isn’t even under their coverage. When you make a claim for a lot of money with the other driver’s insurance, there is a good chance they will fight you over the amount. They may attempt to offer you well below your asking amount. A lawyer can negotiate with insurance on your behalf.

Not everyone needs a car accident attorney in Des Moines, IA for a simple claim, but it doesn’t hurt to talk to one from the law firm Johnston Martineau, PLLP. With a single discussion, you can discover whether or not you need to hire one.