Personal Injury Claims FAQs

Dedicated personal injury attorneys advocate for people who have suffered harm due to another party’s negligence. They represent people who were hurt by car collisions, workplace accidents, slip-and-fall mishaps, using defective products, and many other types of traumatic events.  Although every personal injury case is different, the following questions are often asked:

In many instances, your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer is free. Many attorneys offer a no-obligation case evaluation so you can get an idea of what your claim is worth. During your initial meeting, you can also find out how an attorney can help you receive the monetary award for damages that you deserve.

Maryland personal injury lawyers will assess your claim thoroughly to determine what full and fair compensation should be in your particular case. This could include compensation for: 


  • Medical bills
  • Property damages
  • Lost income and earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

That depends on a few variables. The insurance company for the negligent party will likely offer you a settlement quickly to try to force you to sign away your rights. That award for damages is typically substantially lower than one you could get if you file a personal injury claim and let your attorney help to determine the amount of the award. And, it is critical to remember that you are coping with your injury at present, and there is no sure way to know what your future costs may be and how your life will be affected long-term. Ideally, you should wait to settle until your doctor decides you have reached the maximum level of medical improvement so you can assess your needs and situation more accurately.

As your lawyer builds a case for full compensation, the insurance company may also try to delay and drag the negotiations out, hoping that you will get tired of waiting for your award and will accept less than what you rightfully deserve. Patience is critical when it comes to pursuing and maximizing your compensation for what you have experienced.

It is essential to keep in mind that you are in control of this process, and it is your right to reject or accept an offer at any given time. Your legal counsel can help to ensure you understand your rights and can negotiate from a position of strength.

You may feel like you can file a claim and negotiate a settlement with an insurance company on your own. That may be true if you have only suffered minor property damage, such as a small dent on your car. However, if you are coping with any physical or emotional injuries, it is worth consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney.  

Indeed, assessing the damages related to personal injury suits can be complex. Plus, insurers have teams of lawyers on their side who are solely committed to ensuring they avoid or minimize payouts. These legal professionals work hard to secure their bottom line and help avoid paying out any more than they have to. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer understands the strategies the insurance companies use and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.