Worker’s Compensation and Insurance Companies

Worker’s Compensation and the Limits of Insurance Companies

Workplace injuries occur all of the time. While employers might do their best to avoid any accidents, anything is possible. Because of the inevitability of injury, many employers and government regulatory agencies make worker’s compensation insurance mandatory for most industries. However, while your company may have a policy, it does not mean the insurer, or the company will willingly settle or payout a claim. All injuries must be validated by a competent and licensed medical professional, and any employee claiming damages must adhere to medical advice and instruction. If any employee is found to be lying after filing a claim, their deceit is tantamount to fraud and charges could be sought.

The Insurer Always Knows When You’re Lying

People think they can pull a fast one on insurance companies because they assume everything is paperwork, but that is incorrect. Every claim made opens up an investigation. An insurance inspector does have the right to follow you, talk to your neighbors, and take pictures. If they find you carrying 50lb bags of cement into your garage after claiming a back injury, they will assume you were lying on your claim. The risks of lying to an insurer are not worth the potential legal and financial dangers.

Your Social Media Presence Is Fair Game

Social media sites are considered public domain, so privacy is not assumed. It is best to avoid any messages about your injuries, the accident, or your responsibility. An insurance representative will comb through your posts, looking for any opportunity to reduce the company’s liability.

After a workplace accident, it is best to avoid any conversations about your injuries or the incident that caused them. If you must talk about the accident or your injuries to anyone, keep the details to a minimum, only discuss the facts that are not in dispute. Do not go on long tangents about the day or life after. Insurers can use your words against you to try and limit liability.

A Lawyer Is Your Friend

If your injuries were severe, it is likely best to hire a worker’s compensation attorney, someone familiar with your type of injury. These legal professionals can provide insight into insurance company tactics, and they can help you during interviews or depositions.

While no one expects to suffer from an accident at work, it can and does happen. Before filing a claim, it is necessary to know the limits insurance companies will and can go to reduce corporate responsibility. Workers compensation lawyers in Queens, NY from a firm like Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C., can help you out with your case.