Car Accident Injuries Related to Work

A staggering number of Americans work in the transportation, trucking, and travel-related industries. As a result, many of the millions upon millions of miles traveled on roads in the U.S. year are work-related. If you’ve recently been involved in a work-related crash, you’re certainly not alone. However, you – like most individuals who suffer harm in work-related accidents – may not know what your rights are or what to do next. Although work-related crashes are common, they aren’t frequently spoken about. Thankfully, attorneys experienced in managing work-related crash cases can clarify your rights and options under the law so that you can make informed choices about your next steps.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

As an experienced car accident lawyer can confirm, many work-related crashes provide injury victims with grounds upon which to file legal action. If another’s recklessness, negligence, or intentionally dangerous conduct caused or contributed to the cause of your harm, you may be in a strong position to sue them for damages.

You can potentially file a lawsuit against those who harmed you, as long as you don’t name your employer as a defendant if you’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Employers enjoy legal protections in the event of work-related injuries as long as they provide their eligible workers with workers’ compensation coverage.

Pursuing Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you don’t work as an independent contractor and you don’t work for an unusually small company, chances are that your employer pays for workers’ compensation insurance coverage for you and their other part-time and full-time employees. If this is the case, you’re almost certainly entitled to workers’ compensation benefits as a result of your work-related harm.

Applying for workers’ compensation benefits is a time-sensitive process. You’ll need to take certain steps within days of your crash to avoid being barred from receiving a fairly-valued settlement. Connect with an attorney as soon as you can to begin the application process. As workers’ comp isn’t a fault-focused system, you should make the effort to apply for benefits even if you caused your injurious crash.

Negotiating Insurance Settlements

One of the primary reasons why even accident victims who haven’t sustained injuries connect with a reputable attorney in the aftermath of a crash is that dealing with insurance companies is a tricky business. Insurance companies operate on a for-profit basis. As a result, they regularly utilize tactics designed to minimize their liability. Experienced personal injury attorneys who negotiate with insurance company representatives all the time know how to manage exchanges successfully. Whereas accident victims who may have never had to deal with these tactics before may be lured into unintentionally saying something that ultimately devalues their case or causes it to get rejected.

Navigating the legal and financial aftermath of a work-related car accident is rarely straightforward. Consider working with an attorney to maximize any compensation you’re owed and to minimize your stress so that you can focus on healing.