How to Find the Right Asset Protection Lawyer

Finding the Right Asset Protection Lawyer

Asset protection trusts are among the strongest protections that you can provide yourself against lawsuits and creditors. Nowadays, many people are considering APTs. If you’ve weighed the pros and cons of an asset protection trust, then it’s time to find a lawyer who can help you through the process. This begs the question though, how can you find the best estate planning lawyer for the job?

Ask Your Friends and Family

If you have friends or family who have created an APT, ask them for any recommendations. They may be able to suggest their lawyer or they may be able to give you a list of names to avoid. Your friends and loved ones won’t lead you astray. If you don’t know anyone who established an APT, then you may want to search the internet for local lawyers. Find out who specializes in asset protection and then check the reviews. Reviews and testimonials can tell you a lot about a lawyer.

Inquire About Experience

Experience matters in the field of estate planning. Asset protection is its own niche within estate planning. Many lawyers are not skilled in asset protection. When you discuss your lawyer’s credentials, ask him or her about their experience. How many asset protection cases has he or she had? How long has he or she been practicing?

Lawyers who are skilled in asset protection normally have a background in estate planning, they may also have a background in debts and collections, bankruptcy, taxes and other financial issues. You should feel comfortable with your lawyer’s knowledge of estate planning and asset protection..

Find Out Your Lawyer’s Case Load

Caseload does matter when choosing a lawyer. If your lawyer is too busy to handle your estate plan, then he or she may end up making mistakes. You need someone willing to spend the time and effort on your asset protection trust. These trusts can be complex and overworked lawyers do not always do the best job.

When it comes to asset protection, you need a lawyer to help you establish an APT. If you’re looking for a lawyer, there are several different qualities that you should look for. Do not be afraid to ask your lawyer questions when you meet him or her. You are allowed to ask about experience, caseload and anything else that may be a determining factor. If you would like to contact an estate planning lawyer in Alexandria, LA, then lawyers from a firm like Theus Law Offices have a lot of experience in estate planning and may be able to help.