What to Know About Workers Compensation

What to Know About Workers Compensation

Accidents that result in serious injury can happen anywhere, but when they occur as a result of your employment it can present a unique set of issues. Your income may be at stake, so it can be especially stressful. Luckily, in New York companies are required to have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, whether they are part-time or full-time. 

As a workers’ compensation lawyer  like one from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. can explain to you however, workers’ compensation does not always cover every expense related to your injury. Unlike a personal injury claim, workers’s compensation insurance does not allow you to list general pain and suffering as one of your damages. The process of filing a claim is not always simple either. If you are struggling with how to approach a workers compensation claim, a lawyer may be able to help. To get more information about how damages are calculated, speak to a trusted and experienced lawyer. Here is what you should know about workers’ compensation and what it can do for you.

Why should I hire a lawyer?

When your on-the-job injury makes you eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, it is worth going to a lawyer familiar with the workers’ compensation system for a professional opinion. With their special background and experience, they can look over your scenario and inform you of what you need to know to ensure you obtain the highest benefit amount. As an advocate for your rights, they will make sure you are able to recover financially. 

What does workers’ compensation insurance cover? 

Workers’ comp insurance covers medical bills, missed wages, disability benefits, and more. Finding out exactly how much workers’ compensation would cover is not always a straightforward process though. There may be complications in your case that can affect its validity, such as if you did not seek medical care for your injury on time or if you were under the influence. A lawyer can give more information about your claim’s coverage and its estimated value once they evaluate your case. 

Suffering a job injury can cause you to feel a lot of stress and uncertainty, which is why talking to a lawyer is highly encouraged. You only have a limited period of time to prepare your claim and submit it. With a lawyer’s help, you can speed up the process and be assured that your claim will be completed correctly. 

Don’t wait to obtain legal help so you can receive your benefits. If you have suffered an injury as a result of your employment, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer now for guidance.