Signs a Worker’s Comp Insurance Company is Low-Balling Your Claim

It’s important to know how a workers’ compensation program works so you don’t lose out on receiving maximum benefits for your workplace accident injuries. If you accept a settlement offer that ends up being too low, you may have voided your rights and cannot seek further compensation. Then, it’ll be up to you to pay for the rest of your treatment. To ensure this doesn’t happen, consider the following signs that a workers’ compensation insurance company is low-balling your claim:

You Get a Settlement Offer Quickly

When an insurance company quickly sends an offer, it usually means they are hoping you are desperate for money now and won’t consider future expenses. Not only that, but an initial offer is often just a beginning point for negotiation, and tends to be lower than they should be.


Your Offer is Missing Something

A fair settlement under workers’ compensation benefits should account for past, current, and future medical bills, in addition to wage loss and other costs. An insurance company must act in good faith and factor in all the losses you have endured because of the workplace accident. A lawyer can review the offer and let you know if they see an aspect of your losses was not included in the settlement.

Your Injuries are Being Doubted

Despite having sufficient evidence of injuries, an insurance company may still try to cast doubt into your injuries and say they are not as serious as you claim they are. This may be the insurance agency’s way of making you think your claim is not worth what you believe it should be, and thus try to coax you into accepting a low-ball offer.

To have your workplace injury case evaluated, we suggest contacting a Workers Comp Attorney as soon as possible, like a lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.